How can I access STATA and SPSS remotely?
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If you are interested in open alternatives, the library’s Digital Scholarship & Communications (DiSC) team can provide support for R. For more information, please visit the R lessons and resources page.  You can reach the DiSC team at

Here are detailed instructions for accessing the virtual desktop for STATA and SPSS (educational use only). Please be aware that in order to access VMware Horizon you will need a VUNet ID and will be required to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). After you implement MFA:

  1. Go to 
  2. Select either “Install VMware Horizon Client” (recommended) or “VMware Horizon HTML Access”

VMware Horizon Client

  1. Select the appropriate client.  Most users will select “VMware Horizon Client for Windows” 
  2. Select Download 
  3. Double click on the downloaded software and install. 
  4. Start the software by double clicking on the “VMWare Horizon Client” link on your desktop  
  5. If asked, add new server “” without quotes 
  6. Doubleclick on “” 
  7. Login with your VUNET credentials 
  8. Select “Stata for Heard Libraries” or “SPSS for Heard Libraries” 

VMware Horizon HTML Access 

  1. Login with you VUNET credentials
  2. Select “Stata for Heard Libraries” or “SPSS for Heard Libraries”
Answered By: Frank Lester