Who can help me with licensing, fair use, or other copyright-related questions?
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As an author, you have certain rights to your work. For example, do you know that you already own a copyright to any literary, musical, dramatic, choreographic, pictorial, audio, audiovisual or architectural work you have created even if you have not registered that copyright? How can you preserve your copyright when publishing or otherwise distributing your creation? How can you share the fruits of your scholarship with others without limiting their rights? To what extent can you reuse other people's creations fairly in your own scholarship?

If you need assistance thinking through questions about how copyright impinges on your research and teaching, please contact Elisabeth Shook, Librarian for Copyright and Scholarly Communications. She will be glad to assist you with copyright-related questions ranging from protecting your rights as a creator to using copyrighted images in your PowerPoint slide deck.

Answered By: Ask A Librarian